Risk Management System
Web based Risk Management System for company called FBR that tracks account information across the firm.
The application communicates and pulls data from several banks and performs in depth risk analysis.

Retrieve stock prices on a daily basis from data sources such as Bloomberg and Bank of America.
Perform Value at Risk analysis and portfolio risks calculations.
Generate portfolio risk alerts and notifications.
Provide comprehensive reports chart graphs and dashboards to improve decision making process.

Adverse Drug Events Reporting System.
Designed and developed multidimensional database storage for VA Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) to improve the health status of patients by encouraging the appropriate use of medications in a comprehensive medical care setting. This important endeavor is being addressed by the modernization of original Database for Adverse Drug Events (ADEs). Developed OLAP reports and Dashboards to provide a hierarchy drill path to expand returned results from generic drug classes to individual medications.

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